TREND makes the ATS-ZB32 almost Perfect

"TREND" is a new function that monitors the ATS-ZB32 while it is trading
to make sure that it is always trading in the direction of the market.

"Follow TREND and NEVER worry about Losing Trades again.

TREND has a New Algorithm

The new "TREND" algorithm detects WHEN a trade goes wrong
and takes the system out of the market with a smaller loss.

The function "TREND" has the following objectives:

  • To GET OUT OF losing trades ASAP with a smaller loss.
  • To reduce the maximum drawdown.

If a trade starts losing money, "TREND" checks the direction of the market. If the market is moving in the wrong direction, "TREND" gives you a signal to EXIT the trade with a smaller loss.

The signal EXIT from TREND is shown on the Trend Detail Report.
You also get an alert on the Control Panel to check the TREND signal.

Use the signal "EXIT" from "TREND" to get out
of a losing trade with a smaller loss.

  1. When you get the "EXIT" signal from "TREND" close the trade and wait.
  2. Cancel the STOP. When the signal "EXIT" goes away resume the trade.
  3. If a trade is closed while "EXIT" is still on, follow the new signal.

This is a sample "TREND" detail report.

Trading the Signals from the "TREND" function.