You can pay for the Lease from the Profits

Trading Lease: Terms and Conditions.

  1. The cost of the Lease is: $6000 per contract per year.
  2. Each customer must inform 'ATS' monthly of all trading activity:
    • No. of contracts traded.
    • Profits made to date.
  3. Each customer will re-invest some of the profits
    to increase the number of contracts traded.
  4. The ATS-ZB32 cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  5. The ATS-ZB32 cannot be auto traded by your broker.

If the Performance is less than expected the
cost of the Lease will be Reduced.
'ATS' will not remind a customer a lease payment is due.
The lease will be cancelled without notice.

The Lease is available to Accredited Investors ONLY.
with at least 5 years of trading experience.

Get the ATS-ZB32 Trading Lease.

The ATS-ZB32 is not for every Trader.
To get the Trading Lease you must be able to
Trade at lease 10 contracts.

You can start with less, say 3/4 contracts.
Re-invest the Profits and you should be able to
Trade 10 contract within 1 year or so.

As a bonus there will be no payments due until
you reach 10 contracts provided you reinvest your profits.

I will only deal with Traders who I can
trust to deal with me honestly and with integrity.

You may be asked to provide 1/2 letters of reference.

It took me more than 20 years to develop the