This is how the ATS-ZB32 Works.
The ATS-ZB32 is driven by 2 sets of Algorithms.

The 'X' Algorithms go SHORT at or near the TOP.
The 'L' Algorithms go LONG at or near the BOTTOM.

The system tries to go SHORT when 'K2' goes over 80,
and it tries to go LONG when 'K2' goes below 20.

'K2' is the stochastic that adjusts itself to market conditions.

Each algorithm takes 'K2' for its primary indicator, and a number of other propriety indicators for more accurate results.

When all the indicators in the algorithm reach extremely high values the algorithm issues a 'SELL' signal.

When all the indicators in the algorithm reach extremely low values the algorithm issues a 'BUY' signal.

Therefore the 'BUY' and 'SELL' signals given by the algorithms are accurate and profitable.

When you get the Free Trial you can see this on the Detail Report that comes with the system.

The 'V' Algorithms keep the system in the market with the major trend by filtering out false signals.

This prevent the system from getting whipsawed, especially in sideways markets.

However what makes the ATS-ZB32 special is
the new 'TREND' Function.

'TREND' monitors the system while it is trading. If a trade starts to loose money, 'TREND' checks the direction of the market.

If the market is not moving in the direction of the trade, 'TREND' takes the system out of the market quickly with a small loss, preventing a bad trade from becoming a big loser.

TREND makes the ATS-ZB32 almost Perfect

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