The Perfect System has never been Created
But TREND makes the ATS-ZB32 almost Perfect
The ATS-ZB32 Trades the 30 Year T-Bond(ZB).
  • The system is intalled on your computer.
  • The ATS-ZB32 is stand alone.
  • Run the system on Friday. Follow the Signals.
  • The system trades 2 to 3 times per year.
  • The new TREND function reduces the max drawdown.
  • Since 2000 the system only had 10 losing trades.
  • After TREND it only had 7 losing trades.
  • Easy to Use. Takes only 5 mins. each week.
  • Get a Lease and pay from the Profits.
  • Contact: Advanced Trading Systems.
  • About the developer; Charles Tanti.

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The results speak for themselves. You have produced results.
This is the best system I have ever purchased, and I bought them all.

If you ever need a testimonial ever, count me in.
August 2001 - EL. Clearwater. FL.

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Trading Futures and Options involves substantial risk. It is not suitable for all investors.

A Good System Must
  • Be easy to use.
  • Take little of your time.
  • Produce large Profits per Trade.
  • Keep drawdowns to a minimum.
  • Give clear BUY or SELL signals.
  • Pay for itself from the Profits.

TREND is a new function that monitors the ATS-ZB32 to
make sure that it is always trading in the direction of the market.

The function "TREND" has the following objectives:
  1. To reduce the maximum drawdown.
  2. To close losing trades with a smaller loss.
  3. EXIT the losing trade and Reverse the position.
TREND has a New Algorithm.

I created the ATS-ZB32 for myself.
The system trades only 2 to 3 times per year.
This keeps trading costs low, and makes very large profits per trade.

The system uses genetic algorithms to detect an over bought market or an over sold market. Therefore it goes short at the TOP and long at the BOTTOM.

Built into the system are a number of functions to control risk, limit drawdowns and reduce the number of losing trades.

The new function 'TREND' makes sure the system is always trading in the direction of the market, and will exit a trade with a small loss if a trade starts losing money.

To succeed as a Trader you need these 3 basic qualities:

1: An Advantage:
    Trade and follow a proven System.
    This will help you trade without any emotions.

2: Discipline:
    You must have the discipline to follow the system.
    Never second guess the system.
    You must also be able to conquer fear and greed.

3: Adequate Funds:
    You must have the margin funds required for each contract traded.

The ATS-ZB32 is very easy to follow, and will take very little of your time. You only need to update the price file once a week, after the market closes on Friday.

By not following the market every day, you reduce the risk of being influenced by the intraday reversals, and will be able to stay objective about the long term.

ATS-ZB32: Functions and Algorithms

The system is made up of a number of functions working together as a whole. Once you understand how each part of the system improves the performance of the whole, you will be able to trade with confidence and without Fear or Stress.

The new "TREND" Function.

The 'TREND' function monitors the system while it is trading to make sure it is always trading in the direction of the market.

If a trade starts losing money "TREND" checks the direction of the market. If the market is moving in the wrong direction, "TREND" gives you a signal to "EXIT" the trade usually with a smaller loss.

The Functions.

The Primary Indicator.
This is a long term 11 week stochastic. The system tries to go short with values above 90% and long with values below 10%.

The "F" Filter.
This is an adaptive filter that filters out insignificant trend reversals. It adjusts itself in slow, medium, fast markets and sideways markets.

The Stop Loss Function.
This function calculates the stop on each new trade and handles how stopped out trades are treated.

The Drawdown Parameter.
This parameter takes the system out of the market with a "GET OUT" signal, if the trade is losing more than $250, and the market is moving the wrong way.

The Trailing Stop Function.
When the system detects that a trade is profitable, it starts moving the stop to protect profits, and to prevent a winning trade from turning into a losing trade.

The Algorithms.

The V-Filters: These filtering algorithms keep the System in the market with the major trend.

The X-Algorithms: These genetic algorithms detect an over bought market to generate the "SELL" signals at or near the TOP.

The L-Algorithms: These genetic algorithms detect an oversold market to generate the "BUY" signals at or near the BOTTOM.

ATS-ZB32: System Reports

  • The Detail Report:
    Records the profit or loss each week and the drawdown.

  • The Trend Detail Report:
    Shows the signal "EXIT" from the 'TREND' function.

  • The Trend Summary Report:
    This report shows the totals of the two strategies.

  • The Profit Report:
    It is a summary of every primary trade of the System.

  • The Summary Report:
    Gives more details of every primary trade.

  • The Yearly Profit Report:
    Records the profit or loss of the system year by year.

  • The Secondary Trades Report:
    Records trades generated after the primary trade.

  • The Stoploss Report:
    Records all stops placed by the System.

  • The Sideways Markets Report:
    Shows when the market is moving sideways.

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