The ATS-ZB32 Trading System
The TREND Function makes the ATS-ZB32 almost Perfect.
The ATS-ZB32 Trades the 30 Year T-Bond(ZB).
On a Weeky Long Term Basis.
  • The system is intalled on your computer.
  • Easy to Use. Takes only 5 mins. each week.
  • The TREND function reduces the max. drawdown.
  • The Trading Lease can be Paid from the Profits.
About the Developer
To be a successful Trader, you have to be able to Trade without the
Stress and Pressure of knowing what the market is doing on a Daily Basis.

Timing Can Be Everything


Average Profits: 200%/Year


Testimonials from Customers

Trading Futures and Options involves substantial risk. It is not suitable for all investors.