The ATS-ZB32 ALGO Trading System

The TREND Function makes the system almost Perfect

To be a successful Trader, you have to be able to trade without the Stress and Pressure of knowing what the Market is doing on a Daily Basis.
Timing can be Everything
Sell - High      Buy - Low
  • The "X" algorithms go SHORT at the TOP.
  • The "L" algorithms go LONG at the Bottom.
  • The "V" filters keep the system with the Trend.
Developer: Charles J. Tanti B.Sc.(Eng)
Performance and Profits
A Good Trading System Must
  • Be Easy to use.
  • Give clear BUY and SELL signals.
  • Pay for itself from the Profits.
Testimonial from my 1st. Customer

The results speak for themselves. You have produced results. This is the best system I have ever purchased, and I bought them all. If you ever need a testimonial ever, count me in. August 2001: EL, Clearwater, FL.