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The results speak for themselves. You have produced results.
This is the best system I have ever purchased, and I bought them all.
If you ever need a testimonial ever, count me in.
EL. Clearwater. FL.
Charles you are a hero . Amazing track record..Soon I will be able to start an account to start trading, I've been following you for years and am amazed at your willingness to share your system will others. Many Thanks and I'll be contacting you soon.
March 2019.Dennis M,
Hi Charles, Obviously a massive move up since Nov. At current about 11.5K in profit. Will follow the system obviously to see how far it goes before the pullback or trend reversal. For me, its all about timing. If I joined in Nov I would be sitting on a huge paper profit now.
March 2019.KW. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hi Charles, What a move today! (March 22) Wednesday move was not bad either. How can anyone not be happy with the system? There was a small bump in the road last year, but there will always be a few bumps. With today close I have very close to $25k in profits: $15k I paid you last year and now $10k for me. Woohoo! Thanks for sharing your system!
March 2019.DN. Duvall, WA
Those moves by treasury bonds make me smile. The only thing I regret, that I did not have enough funds to trade two contracts after first trade went pear shape and wiped out most of my trading capital. But I believe that the current trade should carry on for another 20 or so points, until yield hit around 2.2% But this is just my prediction. Hopefully this will be a very profitable trade and I can start trading two contracts again. Thanks Charles.
March 2019. RV. London England
Hi Charles, Great trade, well done! Iím still long 3 contracts, and Iím very glad to be back at $55k, i.e. where I started trading before the first (losing) trade. If this profit holds, Iíll be able to trade at least 4 contracts on the next trade
March 2019. JH. South Africa
I have been impressed how the program can project the longer trend and stay in that longer trend. The stop loss values stay far enough out to not get whipsawed out of the trades in these sideways moving markets but adjust to protect profits. Thanks Charles
March 2019. RT. Bellaire, TX
I am older and more patient, and I have tried my share of programs. I have seen quite a many come and go but yours has held the strength of time. The ZB32 is more in line with what I would want to trade. For the long haul it has all the right features. Thanks for your efforts.
October 2018. RT. Bellaire, TX
I was your customer/client who purchased and traded the ATS-3200. I would like to sign up for a Free Trial to your new ATS-ZB32 system. Charles, We had long conversation through emails so not much to add. As agreed, I will begin to trade two contracts with a lease fee of $6000 per contract per year.
January 2018. RV. London, UK
Charles, I talked to you some a few years ago when I purchased your other systems and I remember you from those days as an intellectual and a gentleman. I know you have enjoyed a sterling reputation in this business. I have traded your system since a week or so after I got it. I want to say that our agreed upon quarter share of the profits up until the close of recent trade would amount to around $3k.
February 2018. JM. Cookeville, TN
Itís actually fun watching it relying that the system will do its job. Btw when I sold the March contract it picked up a realized profit of $*300+. When and how and where do I need to send you payments for the lease?
February 2018. EB. Brooklyn, NY
This week I will move some money around and early next week I will send you another wire transfer. Thanks again for sharing your system.
March 2018. DN. Duvall, WA
$5,000 per contract for one year is very fair! I accept this and understand that this amount will be paid from the profits made by the system. I've had faith in your work for a long time and this new system just enforces your dedication.
October 2017. RF. Bloomington, IL

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