Frequently asked questions.
  • I want to try the ATS-ZB32. What should I do.
       Click on "Free Trial" and send the registration form.

  • How can I get the latest profit report of the system.
       Click here to request a copy of the report.

  • What markets does the system trade.
       The system only trades the 30 Year US T-Bond contract "ZB".

  • Can the system be used on other markets, eg. Forex.
       The system only works with T-Bonds "ZB".

  • Do you need a special broker to trade the system.
       You can choose your own broker to trade the system.

  • Can the system be auto traded by my broker.
      &nbsThe system can ONLY be traded by the customer who has the lease..

  • Does the system need a data feed.
       No. The system is automated.

  • How is the trade information (BUY, SELL, etc.) will be transmitted to me.
       The system is installed on your computer. Run it once a week to get the signal.

  • Does the system run on a platform.
       The system is downloaded and installed on your computer.

  • How is the lease paid for and when.
       The lease is paid from the profits you make trading it.

  • How much does the ATS-ZB32 cost.
       The ATS-ZB32 is not for sale, you can only get a lease.

  • How much does the lease cost.
       The yearly cost is between $7000 to $6000 per contract.

  • Are there any extra fees to pay, other than the lease cost.
       No - there are no extra fees to pay.

  • How do we use the system properly to make money.
       Run the system and follow the signals. That's all.

  • How much capital is needed to trade the ATS-ZB32.
       You must have $9,000 for every contract you trade.

  • How much money would I need to get started with this program.
       You must have $9,000 per contract traded.

  • What makes the ATS-ZB32 so much better than the ATS-3200.
       The ATS-ZB32 has a new function "TREND".

  • What are Secondary Trades.
       Secondary Trades are BUY and SELL signals the system generates after
       the system it goes LONG or SHORT for the first time.    You can see them on the 'Multiple Trades' report and the 'Detail Report'.

  • Do you need to see my broker's statement.
       No. But I may ask for it at some point to verify your trading.

  • Since the lease is paid from the profits, what happens if there is a losing trade.
       If we get a losing trade, the loss will be deducted from the next profitable    trade before any payments become due. The customer will never have to worry.