Frequently asked questions.
  • I want to try the ATS-ZB32. What should I do.
       Click on "Free Trial" and send the registration form.

  • How can I get the latest profit report of the system.
       Click here to request a copy of the report.

  • Can the system be auto traded by my broker.
       No. But my broker can auto trade the system for you.

  • What contracts does the system trade.
       The system only trades the 30 Year US T-Bond contract "ZB".

  • Can the system be used on other markets, eg. Forex.
       The system only works with T-Bonds "ZB".

  • Does the system need a data feed.
       No. The system is automated.

  • Do you need a special broker to trade the system.
       You can choose your own broker to trade the system.

  • Does the system run on a platform.
       The system is downloaded and installed on your computer.

  • How is the lease paid for and when.
       The lease is paid from the profits you make trading it.

  • How much does the ATS-ZB32 cost.
       The ATS-ZB32 is not for sale, you can only get a lease.

  • How much does the lease cost.
       The yearly cost is between $8000 to $6000 per contract.

  • Are there any extra fees to pay, other than the lease cost.
       No - there are no extra fees to pay.

  • How do we use the system properly to make money.
       Run the system and follow the signals. That's all.

  • How much capital is needed to trade the ATS-ZB32.
       You must have $12,000 for every contract you trade.

  • How much money would I need to get started with this program.
       You must have $12,000 per contract traded.

  • What makes the ATS-ZB32 so much better than the ATS-3200.
       The ATS-ZB32 has a new function "TREND".