Trading Lease.
The Lease can be paid from the Profits,
if you start with 3 contracts or more.
The system pays for itself.

The number of leases available is limited.

If you want to get A Lease to trade the system,
Please contact ATS for details.

Margin required: $9,000 per contract traded.

Trading Lease: Terms and Conditions.

  1. Each customer must inform 'ATS' monthly of all trading activity:
    • No. of contracts traded.
    • Profits made to date.
  2. 'ATS' will not remind a customer a lease payment is due.
    The lease will be cancelled without notice.
  3. Each customer will re-invest some of the profits
    to increase the number of contracts traded.
  4. The ATS-ZB32 cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  5. The ATS-ZB32 cannot be auto traded by your broker.

I am not interested in having hundreds of customers trading the ATS-ZB32.

This system is only available to a few trusted customers, who can trade 10 or more comtracts and who I can trust to deal with me honestly and with integrity.

I am willing to let my customers trade my system which took over 20 years to perfect, and pay for it from their profits.

I cannot do better than this.